• The Business Career of Todd Gerleman

  • Posted on August 19, 2017
  • In addition to being one of the best mortgage specialists in the business, Todd Gerleman also serves as the founder and current owner of Gman Marketing Services, an Internet marketing company that ranks among the best. Through Gman, Todd Gerleman helps clients take advantage of technological advancements and the Internet to develop highly successful marketing and business plans. Obviously, this is working, since Gman Marketing Services does extremely well, based primarily on positive referrals from hundreds of happy clients.

    As noted, that is actually his second career. For his main career, Todd Gerleman has spent more than a dozen years in the mortgage industry, which means he has seen almost everything. Based on his experience, he knows that the only constant in the mortgage industry is change, which is why Todd believes it’s important to maintain maximum flexibility. The ability to change on a dime is always necessary to meet whatever challenges come along. It is his flexibility that helps Todd Gerleman deal to fit any client’s needs.

    Probably because he has been very successful in business, it is clear Todd Gerleman approaches his personal life in the same way as his business life. He is an avid reader of self-help books, like those written by heavyweights like Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar and he is inspired by them and tries to apply as much of that knowledge as he can to both his career and personal life. That’s why he eats a healthy, plant-based diet and why he runs and works out as much as he can, for both better help and to relieve stress. He also likes to run marathons, when he isn’t spending time with his family, traveling or watching movies.

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